Mexican eggs and jalapeno mace

One thing I am not fond of is spicy food. I just can’t take it. My tongue goes hot, my face turns red. It is not pleasant.

So when my boyfriend came home with bags of peppers, including jalapeno, I was wary. Even more so when he started chopping them up to add to our breakfast.

And though it was a little hot and left some definite heat on my tongue, I cooled it off with the Red, White and Blue smoothies from my last post and I survived. Maybe I’ll get a taste for this. Maybe one day I’ll let him put the whole pepper in and it won’t kill me.

Just not today.

We had friends making breakfast with us — one of whom chopped the onions and some jalapeno. After breakfast, when we were sitting around the table having a nice chat, he rubbed his eyes… with both hands… and ran screaming into the bathroom where he had to rinse his eyes out with water for a good 20 minutes.

Apparently, even washing your hands after you chop up the jalapeno does not get the harmful parts off.

That stuff would make a good pepper spray alternative! Next time I think I’ll be in a fist fight I’ll rub jalapeno seeds over my fingers and aim for the eyes 😉 Best. Idea. Ever.

Here’s the food:


Chopping, chopping. Jalapeno.

My job was easy!


Almost done! The little green things are not all jalapeno. There were serrano peppers and bell peppers in there too.

I'm a sucker for cheap grapefruit. This guy was 69 cents. I love the pink color and when the rind has a trace of pink in it, I know it won't be too sour. I didn't even need to put sugar on this one.

Actually, funny story about the grapefruit. I gave a bite to my boyfriend and he went pucker face for like, 10 minutes 🙂 Maybe I can’t take the heat, but I can eat a grapefruit! I also like to eat raw lemon from time to time. A slice here or there. I learned recently that it’s actually terrible for your teeth to do that. Something about wearing down the enamel.

I absolutely cannot wait until my tomatoes start turning red and I can chop them up for an omelet or caprece or something else delicious. For now, we make do with store-bought.


Mmmm. Cheese, eggs, tomatos, peppers.

I hope you all had as wonderful and relaxing a weekend as I did!

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