Fourth of July/Champion of cookie-throwing

This is the Red, White and Blue smoothie, using the All Recipes recipe as a general guideline.

As you can see, we used strawberries and blueberries for the red and blue, and vanilla ice cream for the white. It did come out kind of purpley, but it tasted great, even if it didn’t stick to the three-colored patriotism it started out with.

I also threw in a little apple juice for flavor, and some ice to keep it cool. We blended, pureed and pulsed this stuff in the blender and the smoothie looks chunkier than it actually was. It went down smooth 🙂

This smoothie really made my morning, especially since we slept through all of the Fourth of July parades. Making this lifted my spirits a bit to get me back in the mood for some USA celebrations!

Before blending.

Some of our party were worried that it wouldn’t blend with so much stuff in it, but I think the apple juice really helped get it all going. The sounds of ice blending are never pleasant, and I think next time I’ll use some frozen strawberries or banana or something instead.

Here’s the finished product, eaten with a delicious Mexican egg breakfast, grapefruit and half a wheat bagel.

We had planned to eat outside on my boyfriend’s new patio furniture (yay!) but it was way too hot outside already so we just left the patio doors open for a light breeze and ate in the dining room.

Red, White and Blue smoothies, ready to drink!

After this, we hit the pool for a bit, where I read the July edition of Self Magazine,  then we had to really rush to get over to a friend’s house for a Fourth of July BBQ. I didn’t take pictures of the food over there. Sorry!

Our friends cooked chicken wrapped in bacon, chicken not wrapped in bacon with teriyaki sauce, cornbread, beans, and…. I know I’m forgetting something. Oh and we had chips and dip, bread and spinach dip as appetizers as we sat on the balcony.

Since they wouldn’t let me throw an empty glass beer bottle off the 12th floor, I opted for cookies instead. Though I made it pretty far out into the parking lot of the next building, my cookie was not the winner of the throwing contest. That cookie ended up bouncing off a truck and landing on the top of someone’s car. I wonder what they will think when they realize there’s a chocolate chip baked good resting on their hood?

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