Date night!

Friday night was date night. My boyfriend asked me out and from the second he said, ‘how about oysters?’ That’s all I wanted.

We went out for dinner but instead ordered a bunch of appetizers. Mmm.

We did get delicious oysters that tasted like a childhood ocean swim.

We also ordered garlic shrimp, shell-on, with little sad beady eyes. They were cooked whole and drowning in garlic and oil. The taste was overwhelming. I probably would have liked them more a. If they were not looking at me, b. If the sauce wasn’t so thick, and c. If they were deshelled.

The crunch of the shell was tolerable but not tasty.

Alas, I have no photos because I left the SD card at home.

Which means we will have to have another oyster date night!

Plus, its a great excuse to wear makeup (I have discovered bronzer!) and my new grey boots!

Just another work day



It’s Saturday, but that’s just another work day this week.

So I’m sitting in my very cold office keeping to the challenge and eating at my desk. Nothing real exciting today.

Breakfast: instant coffee and lunchable
Lunch: lean cuisine pizza and yogurt
Snack: dinosaur pluot and a peach

Luckily work was busy busy this morning. Now its slow and I am getting bored. Who wants to come by and visit?

* Update: I did make it outside today and the weather is perfect!


I wrote a nice long post for you but my phone ate it.

Since I’m typing from my touch screen keyboard I have had a few almost auto-corrects.

Here is a sample of what you might have read:
Hurry = girth
Where = wherewith (um, maybe I should have used that!)
Plying = pluot
Lynch = lunch
Bourgeoisie, mountaineering and Capricorn are other gems but I don’t remember what word I was aiming for.



My boss called this morning as I was getting dressed and I had to hurry off to work in a rush. I forgot my yogurt in the refrigerator but luckily had packed most of lunch the night before.

Boyfriend was up last night working until after 4 am. We had a late dinner of salmon and zucchini with Henry’s market jalapeno cheese bread. We didn’t eat until midnight and his colleagues were over so I didn’t take any photos. I stayed up playing sudoku until 1 am but was too tired to make it any longer.

Today’s breakfast: instant coffee and a lunchable
Lunch: a dinosaur pluot, nectarine and Lean Cuisine sandwich

The photos are lunch and my lovely lunch tote I got for subscribing to SELF magazine.

The tomato! No, I’m not biting into a raw tomato. A very kind coworker gave me the fruit. It was grown by her father-in-law.

Learning to eat well.



Day 3 and I am hungry! All this fruit is not enough to fill me up. A friend pointed out today that fruit has carbs, but not the nice fluffy bready kind that keep me full.

Being hungry is not helping me deal with needy interns who sometimes ask the dumbest questions. Just let me slap someone. Just one. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Granted, I didn’t eat lunch until almost 4 pm. Today was a Lean Cuisine of lemon chicken and rice. It was delicious and reminded me of vegan lemon “chickn” I have had at a restaurant nearby.

I also ate the other grapefruit half, a banana and a bag of kettle corn found in a desk drawer. And a yogurt. And a bite-sized milky way.

Maybe I need more time. It’s only day 3. But do I need a whole grocery bag of food to stay full through the day?

Stay tuned….

Day 2: success!


I am a measly 2 days into this experiment but its going very well. Today I packed 2 lunches because I am not going home tonight.

I am eating more fruit and less carbs but I feel almost constantly hungry. Either my body is adjusting or I am not eating enough. The beauty of bringing food is that I can snack all day!

Today’s breakfast: smart start cereal in milk and a travel mug of home-brewed coffee
Lunch: leancuisine orange chicken
Snack: a banana, half grapefruit, yoplait yogurt

That is my desk in the background. One good thing is I get more work done by not having to leave for a restaurant at lunch hour.

The cost of groceries


I am eating in for a month. At least, that’s the challenge.

A couple weeks ago I brought all my lunches from home. I ate healthier for a week, felt like I was saving some money and then ran out of food.

So last night I hit the grocery store. Hard. I spent a ton of money and came home loaded up with bags of food that won’t go to waste in a week. LeanCuisine was on sale, so I stocked up on 10 of those.

In all, the most expensive thing I bought was batteries. For the smoke alarms. So we don’t all die in a fire.

Today is day 1 of my self-imposed food challenge. It’s going well.

Breakfast: blueberry bagel and pink cream cheese (no, it does not taste like strawberries in the least. Tip: don’t buy low fat flavoured cream cheese. Blech.)

Snack: yogurt

Lunch: see the picture?

I’m so ready for day 2!

Dinner: French onion soup

Yes, it’s summer and yes, it’s hot outside.

But it cooled down to the 50s and soup seemed like a good plan. Plus, I love onions. And the burn of the onion afflicted everyone else in the room but me, which must mean…

I’ve developed a super power that allows me to chop onions without crying!

Life-long goal achieved!

Just kidding.

Boyfriend made cod, cooked in a pan with butter, lemon juice and a teeny bit of imitation white truffle sauce. Mmm.

And I bought green beans from Henry’s Farmers Market, boiled in a pot with garlic salt, pepper and Italian herbs. ┬áIt all came out incredible. Especially the fish. Flaky and soft, sweet and light. Great job.

The beans were tasty, too, but they cooled down very quickly once I took them off the stove. Not sure how to keep them warm on the table for longer.

Either way, the meal was a serious success.

Onions in a ridiculously large pot.


Washed and ready to cook.


Making crusty bread from tiny bread rolls and melting cheese in the oven.


Clearly that fish is not ready to eat yet.

Beef broth has been added.


Ding! The green beans are done!


French onion soup


A little blurry, but not bad. I should add that our recipe comes from Just search “French onion soup” and pick the highest rated recipe.

Bon appetit!