Entertaining friends with salmon

We cooked dinner for my man’s friend, who is staying here for a couple weeks.
The recipe I normally use for salmon sauce is equal parts dijon mustard and pure maple syrup, with diced onions to taste. There were no onions in the house and a different kind of mustard so we improvised but it came out maybe even a little better than the normal formula.

For sides, white potatoes and zucchini. Though to be honest, I’m getting pretty darn sick of zucchini. Ready to mix it up a little.

We had a great discussion about the merits of farm-raised fish, wild fish, and the dangers of overfishing versus the dangers of caged farm-raised fish. I came out on the side of wild caught fish, but I’m sure that also results in the wrong kind of fish being hooked and overfishing to an extent. Is there a right answer?

Salmon with maple-mustard sauce.

This is before I added some garlic salt to the veggies.

Potatoes are sometimes THE BEST THING in the world. With cheese.