An abundance of fruits!

Today I went for a jog in central park. It was lovely. The scenery is beautiful, people were out running and walking their dogs and the weather was just perfect.

Afterward, I scrounged the kitchen for anything to eat. I found a peach, half a frozen banana, some Arnold Palmer lite, and half a cantaloupe.

I blended all but the cantaloupe and made a smoothie. It was delicious – and best of all – fruits are low calorie!

I’m not sure how I had entirely overlooked that fact. I must not be eating as well as usual. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my lunch (the above plus a cup of edamame) was only 360 calories.

This leaves me plenty of room for some pasta or something yummy for dinner!

In case you’re curious, I’m using SparkPeople to chart my calories. It’s a great site and charts my vitamins and protein and stuff too.

Here’s just part of the view around the running track.

It's like we're not even in the city!

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