Who loves chowder?

Me! Me!

I had a bowl of clam chowder the other night at the aforementioned seafood restaurant.

Since my stupid phone didn’t get service, I couldn’t look up the difference between Manhattan and New England clam chowder to figure out which one I wanted to order. The very patient waitress offered to do a half-and-half so I could try both.

I think New England chowder is more popular, especially the canned version, but I found the Manhattan chowder to be more flavorful. I also liked that it’s tomato-based broth so it tasted healthier than the creamier version.

Today I checked out the Wikipedia entry on clam chowder. Holy moly, did you know there are so many kinds? Neither did I.

In the world, there is New England (the white creamy kind Campbells sells in a can), Manhattan clam chowder (the red kind I ate the other night) and Rhode Island and Delaware each claim their own form of it. Pretty sure I remember Seattle versions too. Wikipedia says there is also Hatteras and Minorcan chowder.

My new goal is to find a place that serves the other kinds and try them all! Who’s in?

Half and half soup. They have to pour each half in at exactly the same time so they don't mix together.