Junk food and redemption

It’s been a busy weekend! Between work and concerts and rehearsals I have been making terrible food choices.

On Sunday, I had cake for breakfast. Cake!! It was delicious chocolatey cake with yummy frosting. But that’s not the best way to start the day, nutritionally speaking. (Deliciously speaking? Cake wins.)

For lunch was a granola bar followed by a cake pop, a brownie and cookie and sherbet punch.Oh, and a teeny tiny chocolate cupcake that I licked the frosting off and threw away the cake part.

Saturday wasn’t much better. A donut for breakfast. Oh the horror! Then Panda Express orange chicken and chow mein and wontons for lunch AND dinner. It was a big takeout box, you see.

Anyway. The point is, my eating habits have been crap.

And I’ve had some difficulty hopping out of bed in the morning. Instead, I’m groggy and want just 2 more hours of sleep. Just 2! Is that too much to ask, world?

So come Sunday night I was determined that dinner would be much, much better. And it was! Followed by some Fresh N Easy mint ice cream.