Dinner: Alfredo sauce and pasta

For dinner tonight we tried Alfredo sauce. This one came out perfect. In the past sauces have been too chunky or too liquid-y, but this recipe was the exact perfect amount of everything. And the shrimp! So good, with a little garlic salt on top.

As a side I steamed broccoli, but didn’t put cheese on because the Alfredo sauce already had the melted Parmesan.

And I couldn’t resist picking up some vegetable bread from Henry’s Market (soon to be Sprouts 😦 ). The bread was great since I was quite hungry and had something to snack on while cooking the rest of the fatty carbs that made up the rest of the meal!

Oh – does anyone know how to get the pasta pieces to not stick together? I mixed the sauce in after I took this picture, but some of the noodles clumped.

Here’s the recipe: Alfredo Sauce Recipe – Allrecipes.com.

This is before I mixed it all up.

2 comments on “Dinner: Alfredo sauce and pasta

  1. Jan says:

    To keep pasta from sticking, either put a bit of salt in the water, or a teaspoon or so of oil (I prefer olive oil, but you can use vegetable, grape seed, canola, or any oil you have on hand). Either will work. I recommend adding the salt or oil (you do not need both) when you put the water on to boil, but as long as you add it before you add the pasta, you will not have clumping.

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