Dinner: Alfredo sauce and pasta

For dinner tonight we tried Alfredo sauce. This one came out perfect. In the past sauces have been too chunky or too liquid-y, but this recipe was the exact perfect amount of everything. And the shrimp! So good, with a little garlic salt on top.

As a side I steamed broccoli, but didn’t put cheese on because the Alfredo sauce already had the melted Parmesan.

And I couldn’t resist picking up some vegetable bread from Henry’s Market (soon to be Sprouts 😦 ). The bread was great since I was quite hungry and had something to snack on while cooking the rest of the fatty carbs that made up the rest of the meal!

Oh – does anyone know how to get the pasta pieces to not stick together? I mixed the sauce in after I took this picture, but some of the noodles clumped.

Here’s the recipe: Alfredo Sauce Recipe – Allrecipes.com.

This is before I mixed it all up.