Dinner: Chicken in basil cream sauce

Mmm… it’s good to be home! After a full weekend of relaxing, reading and drinking, it’s back to the grind, and back to the kitchen.

Tonight: Chicken!

For dinner tonight after a not-so-quick trip to the store I made chicken in basil cream sauce, with broccoli and cheddar cheese on the side. I forgot to pick up fresh bread from the grocery, so we had slices of whole grain white bread with butter to help soak up the cream sauce.

The recipe came on the fly (actually in the grocery store parking lot) from the AllRecipes.com app on my phone. Can I tell you how convenient that is? So convenient!

The cream sauce came out perfect, with just the right amount of pimento peppers (something I didn’t know existed ’til I saw it on my shopping list) and fresh basil. Pretty soon I’ll be planting my own, as I bought the one that comes with roots attached.

Below you’ll see the finished product! Who wants to help me eat next time?


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