Dinner: And then there was food…

Since it’s early stages, I’ll make another confession: I LOVE taking pictures of my food. Things I cook, mostly, in the process and the finished picture. Right before I devour the masterpiece.

And what’s a blog for if not to post some food porn?

I’m learning how to add a page? menu button? whatever, I’ll figure it out. And once I do, all the food blog posts will go in one place. With very few exceptions I’m taking recipes from people I know, cookbooks and AllRecipes.com so don’t expect much original content, except for the pictures. Maybe one day I’ll get good enough to make up my own. For now I’m happy I have the patience to wait for water to boil.

Tonight, however, is take out. Some Thai food. I know you’re jealous.

It was pad Thai or sushi, and since the sushi restaurant closes at 10pm the decision was easy. Yum.

This was dinner! Best Thai restaurant around. Picture taken with my phone, can you tell?

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