All vacations must come to an end.

Since this is what I did all weekend (in case you’re curious, that’s Game of Thrones “A Feast For Crows” by George R.R. Martin. I’m also reading Secret Lives of the Supreme Court)*, it’s going to be hard to get back in the grind of regular life. You know, the kind that doesn’t involve waking up whenever and having someone else cook me breakfast.

Since that’s also making it difficult to sleep/wake at working man hours, I set out my instant coffee and travel mug last night and made sure a bagel is ready to toast in the morning. I like to think it cut a few minutes off my getting-ready time.

Today is going to be tough.



*So you don’t think I make odd vacation reading choices I’ll have you know I also brought the June SELF magazine to the pool.

Steps to a Vegetable and Herb Container Garden | Real Simple

Steps to a Vegetable and Herb Container Garden | Real Simple.

Some more gardening tips from one of my favorite websites to visit. I adore their Do Just One Thing weekly checklist.

And I was happy to see that container gardening is on the list this week. That makes me feel doubly productive since I’m already done with it before the list came out!

New tomatoes and a treat for the birds

Hummingbirds, that is.

I’ve invested in a hummingbird feeder, hoping to lure some to our window so I can watch their little wings flapping like crazy.

Here are some photos from this year’s tomato planting.

We’ve got Early Girl, Lemon Tomatoes, Yellow Pear and Cherry Tomatoes. It’s gonna be a summer full of salads and healthy garden fresh snacks!

Dinner: Cream of mushroom soup

Howdy. At dinner time last night I walked into the apartment to find my man chopping mushrooms. He found this recipe on and with a big ol’ bag of mushrooms started chopping away.

Our version did not include thyme and my bowl had a big heaping of chives, because they are delicious.

You’ll find the mushroom soup recipe here.

To go with it we cooked cod in butter on the stove and grilled some yellow squash. Oil and vinegar and some whole grain bread whetted our appetites until the soup and fish were done cooking. Enjoy the pictures!

How to Grow Tomatoes the Fast, Fun, and Easy Way

How to Grow Tomatoes the Fast, Fun, and Easy Way.

Here’s a great post to get you started if you’re getting your tomato garden ready for the summer. I can’t wait to taste the variety of fruits (yup, tomato is a fruit) I planted!

Cleaning off last year’s neglected pots was the biggest hurdle. More than a few spiders had made a home under the lip of the pots. I pulled out all the weeds and dead plants that should have been taken care of last year, and then flipped the pots over to spray with water to get most of the gunk out.

The first spider to pop out was black with a white dot on it’s rump, and had green eyes. I sprayed the heck out of it with insecticide until its movements were slow enough to hit it with a metal shovel. *shiver*

After a couple hours of that, I was finally ready to plant the tomatoes. Put 10 plants in pots and can’t wait for all the caprese salad coming my way!

Who’s the faire-est?

Well, its certainly not me. The title should go to someone who dresses up and speaks in ye olde English, but no matter. I’m off to the renaissance faire!

Gonna get me a turkey leg and watch some jousting!

I woke up at 10am with no alarm like a kid on Christmas morning! After a shower to wash the dirt off my legs, I promptly fell asleep — at 8pm.